That Old Doug Henning Magic Spell…

National Magic Week is almost over – this last night before Halloween – and then this magical week disappears.  Until next year.

So, continuing with my three Horsemen of Magic (Houdin – Henning – Houdini) homage, I find the next one – Doug Henning (1947-2000) – to be very special.

I remember watching his first NBC TV special LIVE on December 26, 1975- and he was pure magic.  And when that colossal tiger magically appeared live on TV – well it blew everyone away.  As was Doug’s style.

And his style was the magic that changed magical history, just like Robert-Houdin.

Prior to Doug’s appearance in the 1970’s magicians were all top hats, tailcoats and very predictable, sophisticated presentations.

Then there was Doug Henning – long hair, dressing like a hippie, and performing magic in a rock style. He reinvented – he was different and took “the scene” by storm.

Numerous NBC TV specials – Broadway Musicals – Live Touring – Making Magic New and Special Again to audiences everywhere.

He started the chain reaction that led to the incredible magicians to follow.

Thank you, Doug Henning.

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