Keeping Our Passion Alive!

I am often asked why I do what I do.

To be honest the vocation of a “magician” in not typical, nor is it easy. And sometimes I wonder myself, why I do what I do. (Especially after all these 30 plus years doing this:)

I am sure you also, from time to time, wonder about the different elements that drive you in your life.

Are you making a difference? Will what you do be remembered?  Will what you do be passed down?

There is no “magic trick” employed here. But there is a magic word. The word is “passion”.

Passion is ultimately what drives us and what keeps us alive. But more than that, it can make us immortal as our legacy and memory are passed on.

But sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

That we are making a difference!

The following short film is an excellent reminder of the difference we can all make.

It is called “The Magic Box” and it is by R. Paul Wilson. It takes five minutes to watch, but it is time well spent.