Very Magical Women!!

Today on May 8th, International Women’s Day, I would like to play homage to two very special ladies.  On June 16, 1816, Mary Shelley invented Science Fiction when she wrote “Frankenstein”.

About 150 years later Lucille Ball championed a script nobody wanted, paid for the
pilot and fought the money people back enough for “Star Trek” to get made. (She also had a hand
in “Westinghouse Desilou Playhouse” which gaveRod Serling the big break he needed to get “The
Twilight Zone” produced.)

The mother of science fiction, and the godmotherof modern science fiction, thank you for helping create the stuff that dreams are made of!


Had the pleasure of kicking off my “REAL MAGIC – Simple Effective Solutions To Complicated Problems” VIRTUAL LECTURE for magicians Monday night.

Great audience at the International Brotherhood Of Magicians Ring 12 in Buffalo NY.

Looking forward to presenting to Ring 49 in Hamilton, Ontario next month.

PS:  My hair is not blue – it’s just the shot!

A Magical Treat For You…

Would you like to do something special for Family Day or Valentine’s Day, or that time in between?
Something that could involve your whole family, that someone special, or your business associates and their families?
And do so regardless of their physical location?
This special “live” virtual show may just be the answer.
My name is Rick Rossini and in the last year I have put together hundreds of virtual “interactive” magic shows for corporate, social and family audiences all over the world.
This year from February 10th through to the 21st, I am offering a special virtual zoom show that will be customized for your audience – at a very reasonable cost.
There are different complete packages that can make for a one-of-a-kind family get together, corporate team building, appreciation or special event, or a unique romantic evening.
To celebrate love, family, or just have a fun, unique time – email

A Special Magic!

Thanks so much for the special magic you shared.

“You can always tell about somebody by the way they put their hands on an animal.” -Betty White

An absolutely devoted life-long lover and advocate for animals—with a special place in her heart especially for dogs—Ms. White will most certainly be met with a lot of hugs and licks at the Rainbow Bridge.

Good Night Betty And God Bless!

When In Toronto…

This being National Magic week I wanted to continue with my favorite Magical Places in the World.

The next one is The Browser’s Den of Magic.

It is a Magic Shop located in Toronto.

Now there are Magic Shops all over the world (and I have been to many of them), but this brick-and-mortar world of wonder has been around since 1975 and is home to professional magicians and beginners alike – and it is right in my backyard.

Also, it is run by one of the nicest and most generous guys in magic – Jeff Pinsky.

If you have not been there, please check it out – you never know who you will run into.

A Magical Place…

This being National Magic week I wanted to share my 3 favorite Magical Places in the World.

The first is the Hamilton Public Library Kenilworth Branch.

This is where at the young age of 8 I studied every book on magic they had – over and over and over again.

Some of my favorite’s were by Joseph Leeming.

It was such a special time for me.

Libraries are such a Magical Place!!


Muppet Show Metamorphosis Appearance in Full – THE DOUG HENNING PROJECT

Always try to be unique – case in point Canada’s own Doug Henning. 

A master magician for the performer and  great piece of History for the entertainment world.  Just google him.

Above is a clip of him on The Muppet Show in 1980.  It really is amazing and pure DH.

Doug was from a different, simpler time but a master at marketing, MAGIC and standing out, which holds true even to this day.

Doug was many years older than me and inspired me, a fellow Canadian (we are both McMaster Univeristy grads as were Martin Short, Eugene Levy and Ivan Reitman – who got Doug his first big break that led to The Magic Show).

And all these mentioned entertainment giants did something very special, they created memories and changed the way we feel in a positive way. 

It’s simple, “do what you love and love what you do”, who knows what MAGIC you can create!

“abraCANADAbra” It’s March Break!

AbraCANADAbra – my Canadian theme 150 birthday magic show is on the move for March break.
March 14 Bayfield Mall in Barrie, March 15 Fairview Mall Kitchener, March 16 Eastgate Square Hamilton, and March 17 Meadowvale Town Centre in Mississauga! Come down and check out these free shows!
Or consider booking us for your next special event…



Well the 2016 Christmas season is winding down for shows – only a few small ones left.

To all my clients and friends thanks so much for booking my shows. Whether it was small or large, adult, kids or family, corporate or private – they were all a blast.

However a large part of my Christmas magic is being able to help those organizations that do remarkable work in helping others . Each year I do many of these special engagements between my regular gigs (would like to do more if I could).

One of my favorite is helping the Rotary Clubs of Streetsville and Mississauga West with their annual Easter Seals Christmas party. I think this is my fifteenth year helping out (and I don’t even belong to Rotary). But this picture explains why.

Putting joy in hearts is one of the greatest thrills I share with my magic. Thanks for the opportunity. Here’s to next year!! Merry Christmas to one and all!