“Imagine a truly UNIQUE TEAMBUILDING EXPERIENCE that will entertain, educate and motivate like never before!”


Presenting… THE MAGIC OF {Your Company}

“Spectacular, original, hilarious & very, very memorable!”

This very new, entertainment spectacular actually incorporates key Company personnel into a custom created show that reinforces teamwork and your own unique “Corporate history, culture and message”!

That’s right, previously selected and trained “management & employees” are featured as amateur magicians, their assistants, and some special magical guests who are incorporated into an electrifying magic and illusion spectacular that is as funny as it is amazing!

Right here in a live performance see your own Jim and Mary, and Shelia and Bob featured as “magical teams” who will actually perform some incredible illusions. You’ll laugh with amazement as your Receptionist saws a Brand Manager or Sales Rep in half (and it works)! We can even have your Senior VP (regardless of their size) actually float up and levitate in “thin air”!

Plus there are many, many more surprises as more of your people appear, disappear and magically interact in this custom created entertainment spectacular that also speaks of “the magic your people and your Company do” each and every day!

How is this possible?

Simple, I have spent much of the last 30 years creating special effects and custom illusions for Companies to perform as special promotions and “thank you” events. During this time I have made hundreds of new products, special messages, personalities, special guests, executives and custom events “magically appear” out of thin air, or make their own special magic happen.

As a result I have developed a “painless and fun” system to work and train non-magicians into making magic happen in a very short period of time. I have also devised a number of “magical modules and illusions” that can be customized for your needs. This allows us to take YOUR CORPORATE MESSAGE AND GOALS and get your people to see them in a “powerful and fun, magical way”!

THE MAGIC OF {your Company} is available as a stand-alone, featured SHOW and as a complete evening’s PROGRAM. It can also be combined with a special MEETING OPENING and one of our KEYNOTES to create a COMPLETE CONFERENCE PACKAGE.

AND it is available in different sizes and budgets!



“Each year we have a meeting for all of our office staff in which we focus on the principals that guide our business.  This year we wished to focus on some teams whose work is essential to the ongoing success of the Company but whose work may not be considered ‘exiting’ or be highly visible to the organization at large. 

So the challenge was to devise a presentation format which would keep everyone’s interest and allow presentations on the various chosen functions in a free flowing manner.  Most of the presenters were not experienced public speakers so a format in which they felt comfortable and could enjoy was also important.  Quite a challenge and one we were not readily able to solve!!!!

Rick Rossini was the answer to the challenge and after being briefed he quickly devised and proposed a presentation format that was interesting and unique… by integrating his magic skills to introduce each speaker and provide linkage and some fun to the proceedings. 

The format proved to be very effective, was well accepted by the audience and presenters, and achieved all of the meeting objectives.  Rick and his team handled the ‘production’ in a professional manner and within the agreed budget.  All in all, we were very satisfied with Rick Rossini The Magical Motivator and would recommend them to any organization seeking an interesting and different approach to meeting presentations.”

Ian Mills, President & CEO, Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd.