“Do you really want just another speaker?  Or do you need someone who can make a magical difference in your people?”


My EDU-TAINMENT (entertainment, education and motivation) KEYNOTES are designed to help people be more effective and fulfilled in both their business and personal lives by working with the special magic that exists inside each of us. These are customized presentations that have educated, entertained, inspired and encouraged thousands of people to create and rekindle the power of their special, inner magic!

Real Magic in real life is the ability to create effective, innovative solutions to today’s complex problems and then to take effective, consistent action to make it happen! This is a simple truth and yet so difficult to achieve. Why?

“Real Magic can happen only when people believe in themselves and are passionate about making a difference in their own life and the lives of others!” I can help you create that passion by creating a magical experience that will teach, entertain, challenge and inspire.

  1. I’ve helped thousands of BUSINESS PEOPLE become more effective and committed team players and peak performers.I can help your people to be more passionate about what you sell, about your values and objectives and about owning customers for life! Together we will explore life and work through a powerful process that supports your key objectives, culture and your goals.
  2. In addition to rejuvenating your people, I can also create for you an unforgettable CUSTOMER APPRECIATION EVENT that will educate, honour, entertain and amaze your customers and prospects! Working together we can uniquely communicate who you are and what you do in an exciting, memorable, justifiable and relevant way.
  3. For FUN LOVING AUDIENCES I combine cutting edge entertainment with ideals and values that encourage people to feel great about themselves and each other in a fun, yet meaningful way. Interactively, we experience the “special magic” that is in each of us, and the world around us. We rediscover that we can all work our own Real Magic and that we can all truly make a difference!So how is this done?These extraordinary results are achieved through a customized presentation of:

Magic – some of the most amazing intimate miracles and grand illusions are customized as metaphoric tools to get the message across!
Comedy – hilarious “situation comedy” and surprise “edu-tainment” pieces (with no embarrassment to anyone) keep the message and motivation ALIVE!
Psychology – I get your entire audience involved in “doing the impossible”, seeing new and different experiences through their own eyes, and making their own magic happen!
Special Effects
– I add extras to increase the excitement and energy of the day!
Educational Messages and Business Story Telling
– I pull together the magic and the message based on my own unique experience with other businesses, and my special opportunity to work with, and learn from, some of the best organizations, speakers and information gurus in the world!

This is all perfected over thirty years and hundreds of performances for Companies and Associations just like yours (please see CLIENTS). AND each presentation comes with the accompanying MASTER NOTES which is filled with tips, insights and strategies!

And because these programs are presented in an inspiring and energetic EDUTAINMENT (entertainment, education and motivation) KEYNOTE format they appeal to a vast assortment of people with different levels of knowledge and abilities.

Most importantly EVERYONE will take something away from this session that can make a BIG difference in what they do!  And they can do it right away!

Some of my magical topics are:
THE MAGIC OF {Your Company}
REAL MAGIC – The Magic Within
CREATING A “Making The Impossible, Possible” FOCUS

In this challenging and competitive world real people want real results. You can bring these critically acclaimed experiences combining compelling messages, amazing entertainment and “Real Magic” to your next event at a very realistic cost!

As in all things in magic, in business and in the real world,“knowing how something is done is easy – making it happen is the challenge! Believe in making the impossible possible and the power of you own inner magic!”

Remember Real Magic can happen only when people believe in themselves and are passionate about making a difference in their own life and the lives of others!

 I can help you make that MAGIC HAPPEN!


“Thanks you so much for your highly energetic and inspirational presentation to our group of our most valuable clients… our realtors. You came through with flying colours, and the feedback I received afterwards was fantastic. Your ability to directly involve the audience in many different ways contributed to your success.

We asked for your presentation to be a blend of humour, magic, and motivational message…and you certainly delivered. Don’t be surprised if you hear from members of the audience requesting your services…there were several enquiries. Thank you again.”

Tom Neeb, Resident Mortgage Specialist, ROYAL BANK

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