Continuing National Magic Week…
So how does SOMEONE BECOME A MAGICIAN – learn to do magic?
(SPOILER ALERT – you do not need to go to Kamar-Taj.)
It’s a unique interest one develops – either very young or as an adult – and they must follow through on.
My spark in magic began at age 8, like many other youngsters at that age (however the smart ones outgrow it).
Seriously though, my start was at our local Library with basic to do magic books.
I had seen a magician – decided that’s what I wanted to do – and the passionate journey began.
Advice from other magic enthusiasts and BOOKS were how I started.
The “Tarbell Course in Magic” that Dr Strange is reading was the bible back then – and it is still a great starting point.
But from books to VHS to DVD’s to downloads – the tools have evolved.
However, the start of the journey does remain the same. A desire to learn.
Do you seriously want to discover “prestidigitation”, the art of magical entertainment?
Here is my advice:
1 – The books in the Public Library are a great starting point to get a more informed idea if this is what you want to pursue.
2 – Yes there are videos on YouTube that can show you how “tricks” are done, there are good and bad and stupid ones. But they only can show you how it’s done – and there is much more involved in this.
3 – The best way is to contact a local magician or magic shop (the best in Toronto is and ASK what Magic Clubs are in the area and how to learn. We truly are very helpful to those that seriously want to learn.
There is also the IBM (not computers) – the International Brotherhood of Magicians – who can provide more info and directions to local clubs (or Rings as we call them).
If you are in the Hamilton Ontario Canada area, my local club, the IBM Ring 49 Hamilton Ontario – Doug Henning Magic Wand Club – is:
Please keep in mind, many different people are magicians for different reasons:
TV’s Johnny Carson – Steve Martin – Woody Allen – all started as professional magicians before they evolved.
Hollywood elite like Cary Grant (who also a very serious executive member of the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood) – Jackie Gleason – Dick Van Dyke – Fred Astaire – found it a relaxing hobby.
Even boxing elite’s Muhmmad Ali started later in life to improve his reflexes and his mind.
Plus, many, many more of today’s personalities – Neal Patrick Harris, Adrien Brody, Arsenio Hall, Jason Alexander, Prince Charles (now King Charles III) and Peter Scolari are secret magicians.
And in our local club we have professional, semi-professionals and keen amateurs that all learn and enjoy the experience “presenting and appreciating the art of magic.”
So, if you have a real interest in becoming part of the magical entertainment community, please just reach out – the magic is just waiting to be discovered!
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