Time To Give Back!


Time to Give Back…

It’s just about a month before Christmas and, as a Rick Rossini friend,
I have a special “magical” offer for you.

Each year around this time I offer my magical services to
those less fortunate or in need of some Christmas cheer.

If you know of a charity, social organization or worthy cause that
could benefit from some magical entertainment – AT NO CHARGE –
than please let me know.

It could be entertainment at their Christmas party,
making Santa magically appear,
or any good cause event that needs some special magic.

I have done this for Women’s Shelters, Big Brothers and Sisters,
Salvation Army, Rotary, Easter Seals, St. Vincent de Paul to name but a very few.

Again this is at no charge (or in some situations a very minimal fee just to cover direct expenses).

And please note we cannot  help everyone — but if I can help I will.

So contact me today to see what’s available.

And have a very Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!!