They Walk Among You!

National Magic Week continues with… They WALK AMONG YOU!
These are celebrities and famous people who are “magicians”.
Some had started out as professional conjurors – others took it up as a passionate hobby.
In any case the list just might surprise you…
Neil Patrick Harris
Joey Fatone
Steve Martin
Willie Nelson
Adrien Brody
Arsenio Hall
Jason Alexander
Prince Charles (sorry now KING)
Peter Scolari
Don Johnson
Woody Allen
Jerry Lewis
Dick Van Dyke
Andy Griffith
Bob Barker
Muhammad Ali
Jerry Lucas
Norman Schwartzkopf
George W. Bush
Dick Cavett
Johnny Carson
Jackie Gleason
Cary Grant
Tyrone Power
Boris Karloff
Fred Astaire
Buster Keaton
Milton Berle
Jimmy Stewart
Orson Welles
Tallulah Bankhead
Barbara Stanwyck
Harold Lloyd
Fred Gwynne
Karl Malden
Bill Bixby
Dom DeLuise
John Denver
Carl Ballentine
Hugh O’Brien
Chester Morris
Lyle Talbot
Robert Lansing
Edmond O’Brien
Charles Dickens
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