The Real Inside Secret Of The Rabbit From A Hat Trick And How We Can Use It In Our Life And Business!

Quite often the actual history of the “art of magic” is more deceptive than the illusions it creates. A perfect example of this is the “rabbit out of a hat trick”.

This particular illusion is probably the one most thought of illusion when talking about a magician’s tricks. And yet how many of us have actually seen this trick performed?

I have been in the magic business most of my life and can only recall seeing this done maybe once or twice. However even more bizarre is this trick’s “origin” and the power in the real life lessons it teaches.

It all begins in merry old England with this recorded tale.

“Some time in the late summer of 1726, Mary Toft, the wife of a charcoal burner living near Guildford, one day returned home to pour out to her husband Joshua, a distressing story that whilst coming through the forest she had been assaulted by a huge white rabbit. Some time later, following the development of the usual symptoms, the local physician Dr. Howard attended her and later certified the delivery of a number of white rabbits.

Not unnaturally, her notoriety spread far and wide and it was even rumored that the King, George II was considering the question of a pension for her. So gullible were the people of this time that it needed little else but audacity to trick one’s way into fame and wealth.

Possibly in an endeavor to hasten the decision on a Royal Bounty, Mary announced a further event of a similar nature. Sir Richard Maningham, Physician to the Court, was not at all happy with the situation and had the lady conveyed to London and placed under the strictest supervision. Eventually, Mary Toft was brought before the Courts on trial, charged as a common cheat. Evidence was produced that the girl in question had attempted to bribe attendants to smuggle to her the rodent animal.

A confession was obtained from the prisoner but there appears to be no record as to the method by which the woman duped both the attendant midwife and then the local practitioner.

At the time, a magician in the City whose name unfortunately is not recorded advertised in the Broadsheets that at his entertainment the following day he would produce his latest illusion, “The Birth of a Rabbit”. The announcement brought him a packed house.

In the course of the program, the performer borrowed from a spectator a tall hat, then much favored by fashionable people and, having shown it empty, produced alive and kicking, a large white rabbit. The effect was an instant success and as is so often the case, was immediately copied by other conjurers.

From that moment, right down to the present time, magicians have been producing bunnies from hats.”

Source – Will Ayling – Author, Magician and MIMC.

I love this story, not only because of (if you pardon the pun) the tale itself, but also because of the three important lessons it teaches about being successful in life and business.

Lesson number one – “learn to see normal things in unusual ways”!

If you want to come up with creative, simple solutions to complicated problems develop a knack to see life and things in a completely new way.

Obviously Mary Toft’s story is a great example of this, but so is the use of the Top Hat! Our magician did not use a “magic box” on a dimly lighted stage to create the bunny.

Instead he borrowed a gentleman’s top hat, which was the common fashion at the time, to make the magic happen. The use of a “regular, every day hat” to produce magic of this type was unheard of back then. The end result was an iconic creation of a magic trick that has endured for hundred of years. Mike Yurosek also knew this secret. Mike Yurosek?

Mike is the “think outside of the carrot patch” carrot farmer that created the packaged “baby carrots” that we now all enjoy. Tired of seeing regular carrots tossed out because they were twisted, bent or broken, he created a way to repackage them into the perfect 2-inch minis that have taken off as THE nutritious snack. Just like our magician, Mike learned to see normal things in an unusual way. How can you use this in what you do?

Lesson number two – “learn to ask the question how can I make this work for me?”

Our magician took Mary Toft’s unique story, and publicity it was generating, and made it work to his benefit. His advertisement of the new illusion “The Birth Of A Rabbit” drew people’s interest and created packed houses all because he asked “how can I make this work for me”? Bill Gates also knew this secret.

Having Bill look at Apple Computer’s, people friendly, operating system and asking how can I make this work for me created much of Microsoft’s initial success. He created Windows for PC’s and the rest was history. What can you create by asking this question?

And finally lesson number three – “emotion sells!”

In life EVERYONE buys with emotion and justifies with logic. This applies to buying goods, services, and into ideas and beliefs. In order to entice people and get them to take action you have to appeal to their emotions. Our magician understood that the public was emotionally charged with Mary Toft’s story, and so by appealing to their curiosity and interest he got them to buy a ticket to his show. Mother Teresa also knew this secret.

Throughout her life Mother Teresa was a tireless advocate for the poor and helpless, who was able to use the power of emotion to inspire many others to aid her cause. Countries, politicians and people around the world were sincerely touched, and moved to take action. What can you achieve by touching people’s emotions?

There you have it, three simple actions that were understood by three simple people – a carrot farmer, a computer guy, and a simple nun – and produced “magical results”!

Yes these “ordinary” people were able to influence our entire culture in ways that have touched all our lives. So how can you use this magic in what you do?

Only you can answer that question. But you can achieve remarkable things for you business, your life and the lives of others. It all starts by asking some magical questions and taking action.

Have a vision.
Start seeing normal things in unusual ways.
Ask the question how can I make this work for me?
Remember emotion sells!
Go for it and never give up.

And soon you will be doing more than pulling a rabbit out of the hat. You will be making your own real magic happen!

Remember Real Magic can happen only when people believe in themselves and are passionate about making a difference in their own life and the lives of others! Have focus! Be passionate about what you do! Create your own Real Magic!!

PS: I have to go now. I am practicing this great new trick with our bunny “Chocolate” and an iPod!