Product Launches

“Make them go WOW!”

Rick 6

“Introducing a unique, electrifying opportunity to present both “the sizzle and the steak” in an entertaining, educational and socially conscious way that leads to top of mind awareness!”

In the past thirty years I have either magically produced and/or been involved in the magical introduction of hundreds of new products and services. They have ranged in size and shape from a new deodorant stick to a full sized automobile, and in industries from computer software to plumbing supplies.

In all these PRODUCT LAUNCHES, whether internally targeted to your own sales force or externally targeted to your customers, potential clients and media, one objective has always been the same. That this NEW PRODUCT is truly special and unique!

Add to this strategy energy, excitement, and a unique presentation style (combining Business Keynote, theatrics and magic) that positively reinforces your corporate identity, and you have one of the key benefits of MY SPECIAL MAGIC!

Working with your experts I find out as much as we can about your new product or service, your objectives, strategy, positioning, corporate identity and marketing plan, and then devise a custom, magical presentation that will achieve your goals.

It could be having your product or a giant replica appear out of thin air. It could contain magical segments that will illustrate your product’s benefits. It could involve creating impact by having your brand manager magically appear. It could be a short special effect designed for attention during your business meeting or be a complete show that would highlight not only your new product but also your corporate identity.

In all cases our special magic can be used to create impact and attention, entertain and educate, and then inspire, excite and motivate. All designed to set your NEW PRODUCT APART!

NOTE: Part of the Real Magic of MY UNIQUE APPROACH is the ability to keep the promotion powerful and exciting, but also to do so in an educational and socially justified way. You definitely want to make WOW and CREATE top of mind presence, but ideally you also want people to say “Time well spent”!

“…Our customers and guests were very impressed with the “explosive” launch of our new product, CALLIGO. Your involvement in the process was flawless – from the opening speech, to the show and pyrotechnics you organized, to making our President “appear on stage.”

We had many positive comments from attendees who thought the opening ceremonies were dynamic and innovative. We had ideas, but your additional suggestions added a great deal of value and impact to the event. We would not hesitate to recommend you to other companies who wish to open a conference or launch a new product with “flair.”

Ross Orrett, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, INSYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES INC.