FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a magician, a speaker or a consultant?

Actually I am all three. I spent my first fifteen magic years (I started studying magic when I was 8) learning the magician’s craft and all that goes with it; sleight of hand, comedy magic, grand illusion, voice, dance, and theatrical training.

But upon my graduation from McMaster University (where I majored in Psychology), I also started to explore the concept of “real magic” and how to use the “art of magic” as a metaphor for creating “magic” in our own lives. In fact, I spent the next fifteen years passionately learning all that I could about this “real magic pursuit” and developed approaches, insights and processes that everyone could use to change their own life, business and vocation.

The end result are shows that can entertain with a message, keynotes and training that can offer a unique perspective, and a vast, practical experience in “making the impossible, possible”.

What makes you so different?

I believe it all boils down to three things “essence, experience and range”. The real essence of my work is to “help people make magic happen”! I work with people to create magical results in their lives, their businesses and their vocation by educating, exciting and entertaining. By making this “essence” my goal, everything I do is designed to further this ambition whether it be a show, a keynote or a complete creative package.

And because I have spent the last thirty years doing this by utilizing everything from the largest of grand illusions to the most intimate of miracles, and for theatrical, corporate and educational audiences of all sizes, I have developed a vast range of experiences.

As well, my writing background of books, shows and articles on “making our own magic happen” provides an even greater insight into what can be done. These resources give me the unique creative flexibility to add extended value, varied presentation styles, and a wide range of “magic and message” to the performance medium.

What is a Rick Rossini “message-magic-motivation” ratio?

This ratio is the real trick to making real magic happen. This is the specific proportion of the amount of message that goes into the magic and the expected motivation level to result; its what I call the 3 M’s of “edutainment”. By determining exactly where you want your presentation to be on a scale of 1 to 10 in these three areas, we can design a unique presentation that will be just right for you and your audience.

And with over thirty years practical experience in helping people just like you design their own unique “message – magic – motivation” ratio, I can guarantee a “bang on” presentation each and every time!

But we’ve used magic before?

That’s great, because you are already aware of the many benefits a “magical approach” can yield. And best of all, because I offer so much more than seeing just another magician, you can now build upon your past experience to design and use something very new, powerful and unique.

You see I am constantly designing and creating new and unique “entertainment and edutainment” presentations that will offer real value in today’s real world; some of which are not even “magic based”! Thus you can offer your audience programs that would universally appeal to even “those who have seen it all”!

How much is this going to cost?

That’s one of the best parts; how cost effective all this really is when compared to the potential outcome. And because we offer many different sized programs that can operate within many different budgets, I can usually help our clients achieve their magic in a very responsible way.

But most importantly, because I have real world experience in creating both the very small and very large, I know how to put the “added value” and the “special little extras” into everything we do! And this is a very real benefit that is passed on to you!  Please call for a detailed investment outline.

A/V and Staging Requirements.

This varies depending on size and complexity of  the performance, however generally…

1. LIGHTING.  Since Rick is regularly interacting with his audience, it works best if you leave the full house lights on during the program. If your event, however, is in a theater setting, then a spotlight would be preferable.

2. AUDIO.  For Rick’s presentation, please provide a LAVALIER (LAPEL) MICROPHONE and a HANDHELD (wireless or hard wired) MICROPHONE on a stand.  Good sound is crucial to the success of your program. If your sound system and microphone are not adequate, please borrow or rent quality equipment. Rick does have his own mics that could be plugged into your sound system, but prefers to not travel with it unless absolutely necessary. Please check these requirements with your sound tech or feel free to have the sound tech call Rick for further assistance.

3. STAGE.  The stage riser set up should be elevated at least two feet high. The larger the better, with a very MINIMUM dimension of 8’ x 12’. Plus, one flat wood (backless) stool on stage. Rick provides his own for local shows.

4. RECORDING POLICY.  Audio/video taping of Rick’s presentation is not allowed without written permission. Rick Rossini retains all commercial rights to video. Thank you in advance for complying with this request.

To get an overview of what I can do please  go to Shows / Services.