Labour Day Magic!

Happy Labour Day!
Labour Day is a very special time for me. I was born on Labour Day.
And this Labour Day in 2022 is again my actual birthday.
But the real magic for me was watching the Jerry Lewis Labour Day telethon on TV.
It started I 1954 and went until 2011 – with its highlight years for me being the 1970’s and 1980’s.
It was during those Golden years that all the greatest and best stars in the entertainment industry appeared live on this show, which ran for well over 20 hours!
And being an up and comer in Showbiz, well it was pure magic to see this.
In fact, many years later I got to work on the Canadian segment of this show a few times – even magically producing the show’s host Canadian skating star “Kurt Browning” one year.
However, the most magical moment for me was in 1976 when Frank Sinatra brought Dean Martin on the show to reunite with his old partner Jerry Lewis after many, many years. (If your younger – look them up).
It was live – very special, very magical – and something I will never forget.
Happy Labour Day everyone and best magical wishes for the days ahead!
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