An important observation on Social Media Magic!

It was the world famous magician /escape artist / promoter extraordinaire Harry Houdini who is credited with saying, “It doesn’t matter what they say about you, as long as they spell your name right!”  His comments were in regard to what newspapers wrote about him and in getting publicity overall.

And Houdini knew quite a bit about publicity and REAL WORLD marketing.

Harry Houdini was born in 1874 in Budapest, Hungary and died on Halloween 1926 in Detroit, Michigan.  The vast majority of today’s populations have never even seen him perform.  Yet major motion pictures, Broadway musicals and countless shows, stories and television programs have featured this larger than life personality.  More people today know about Harry Houdini than ever before.

How is this possible?

The answer is that Houdini was much more than a performer extraordinaire.  Harry Houdini achieved his success and fame by being a “True Master of Media” and how to keep up with the world, its progress and more importantly how to benefit from it. (Just google Houdini to learn more about him and his exploits).

Had Houdini been working in today’s “internet” environment I believe he would have thrived even more so.  But he might have done a few things a little differently.

For one, I know he would have definitely re-thought his “it doesn’t matter what they say about you” as he truly learned to appreciate the power of social media.  More importantly he would have sought out ways to make social media work for him (like him), his larger than life image and his death defying stunts!

So what about me?  Have I made social media magic happen?

Have I kept abreast of my ever changing social media landscaping, and how to make it work for me?  Have I really focused on “what people say about me and my business, and their take away experience?”

Now more than ever we are instantly interconnected with the entire world, and as such people’s experiences (good and bad) can be shared like never before.  To the one who really learns to use this interconnectivity, real magic can happen.

To get a sense of just where we are in the world today please have a look at…


(If the link does not work just paste this into your browser.)

It’s a very fast moving 4 minute video, by social media guru Erik Qualman, that puts social media’s impact on the world into perspective.

It is very real, very powerful and should be seen by everyone!

So take a few moments to look at this video and then I dare you not to dream about how all of this can impact you and what you do.  It can help you make your own Real Magic happen if you “open your mind”and are prepared to do something about it!

Remember Real Magic is nothing more than coming up with simple, effective solutions to complicated problems, and then doing something about it!

But Real Magic can happen only when people believe in themselves and are passionate about making a difference in their own life and the lives of others! Have focus! Be passionate about what you do! Create your own real magic!

PS: Just by writing a quick blog about this and tapping into the video’s link I have already created a social media experience.  What can you do?