“How much more could your Membership benefit if they really could experience the magic in what they do?”

Presenting the MAGICAL “get away” CONFERENCE PACKAGE


“Helping Re-discover & Appreciate the Magic in What You Do!”

This is a complete, powerful program that has been designed as a special “magical get away package” for Conferences with one ultimate goal in mind – make amazing take away results possible!

My name is Rick Rossini and I am known as The Magical Motivator.  I am a unique combination of entertainer, educator and motivator, who for over 30 years have helped Companies and Conferences deliver their messages in an exciting, original and fun way.  Business and sales meetings, conferences, product launches, business keynotes, specialty promotions, awards shows, gala entertainment, training sessions, corporate coaching, and sales and script writing – just to names a very few.

“I have now taken this real world Business and Show Business experience and developed this into a very unique program that can be specifically customized to your needs in a way that will make your people go WOW – and – go away with the tools to make their WOW happen!”

The premise here is to create an ENTIRE “magical get away” EXPERIENCE that will combine an informative and relevant business orientated wrap up keynote, with an exciting night before/arrival event, a follow up dynamic entertainment/awards package, and other meeting add-ons to create a one-of-a-kind, truly customized, “WOW” experience at a “cost effective price”. All to communicate your message!

The night before ARRIVAL session has a complete magical world package including amazing magic décor, giant props, posters, magical displays, and special effects that fill the entire room.   Intermixed with this décor are client messages and history that are pertinent to our overall theme. (This décor and staging becomes the basis of our Main Room for the events to follow).

The décor not only acts as a point of interest and conversation (and starts to subtly reinforce our “magic within” theme), but also sets the stage for the magic to follow.  Performing as a close-up magician (who can be costumed in a number of different guises) I first mingle with your audience performing magic here and there, and then later will perform a standup show for the entire room.  But the best is yet to come.

The next MORNING Business Session kicks off with a Specially Created Magical Illusion to introduce our Magical Theme and our First Speaker.  Then through the day your various presenters can interject a magical piece or segment into their presentation to maintain interest and help “punch up” their point.  Again – all custom created to your meeting flow and needs – and without over doing it!

That EVENING I am joined by my complete cast to create a“full stage, magical production” that will combine grand illusions as featured on TV, with hilarious audience interaction, theatrical staging and special effects; all in a very intimate setting created just for you.  This production can also be combined with an Awards Presentation that can feature the magical appearances of presenters, award recipients, awards and special guests.

The FINAL DAY MAKES THE REAL MAGIC HAPPEN as I present a relevant, customized keynote that combines magic, with the magic of your particular messages (which really is what this conference is all about) in a way which will tie all the important pieces together.  This is a dynamic and fast paced session where proven marketing and sales tools, customer service insights, motivation, human nature, creativity, show business & fun combine to really communicate your key business insights to help you and your people in what you do!  Again all customized to your needs after the appropriate background research.

The magic concludes (in a very surprising way) sending your people off with the desire and the tools to make their magic happen!  This is but a very quick overview of what is possible.

The actual creation, order and selection of events is always scheduled based on your needs and requirements.

What does not change – and what really makes this a different approach that is IDEAL for the RIGHT audience – is that this is a COMPLETE OVERALL PROGRAM that is painstakingly put together based on years of proven experience of what works with a corporate audience to combine “message – information – motivation – and fun!   If this appeals to you – let’s talk!

“…From the first contact Rick helped us with ideas for the conference and informed us of little details that really made a difference in the event.

At The conference Rick was truly the thread that pulled it all together.  His crowd magic the first night set the stage for the 3 day conference.  The Evening Gala event magic was awe inspiring and our crowd was thoroughly entertained.  Rick’s message in his keynote truly captured the theme of Unlock The Magic Within.  People were motivated and rejuvenated after hearing his message.  The comments received from participants ranged from “Amazing” to “an event I’ll never forget thanks to the magic of Rick Rossini.”

I would recommend Rick Rossini to any organization without hesitation.  He truly is a class act.”