Muppet Show Metamorphosis Appearance in Full – THE DOUG HENNING PROJECT

Always try to be unique – case in point Canada’s own Doug Henning. 

A master magician for the performer and  great piece of History for the entertainment world.  Just google him.

Above is a clip of him on The Muppet Show in 1980.  It really is amazing and pure DH.

Doug was from a different, simpler time but a master at marketing, MAGIC and standing out, which holds true even to this day.

Doug was many years older than me and inspired me, a fellow Canadian (we are both McMaster Univeristy grads as were Martin Short, Eugene Levy and Ivan Reitman – who got Doug his first big break that led to The Magic Show).

And all these mentioned entertainment giants did something very special, they created memories and changed the way we feel in a positive way. 

It’s simple, “do what you love and love what you do”, who knows what MAGIC you can create!