The Secret Of Immortality In Life And In Business.

The other day we were moving some boxes and came across one of our daughter’s creative writing notebooks.  A particular story of hers (written when she was 9 year old) really grabbed my attention. It’s called·

My Dog Houdini by Jacqueline Rossini

“Houdini is 10 years old. He is always 1 or 2 years older than me. He is a Lhaso Apso. His birthday is June 14th. He was born in 1995. He is a guard dog. He hates the fire alarm. He is very protective. He was named after the world famous magician Harry Houdini. He loves to sing the alphabet song with us. He loves cheese, pizza crust, chicken, tissues, Chocolate’s (our rabbit) pellets and many other things. I love my dog. When he dies I want another dog just like him.”

I think we can all relate to a story like this. We all have special memories of loved ones, family, friends and special occasions.

And depending on the impact of the person, pet or event on our lives, the emotion can create a magical memory within. We can remember “things” and even re-experience “senses” in such detail, it is almost as if it were real again.

Yes I think we can all agree, a memory can be a very magical thing. So I have one question to ask.

How would you like others to remember you?

I like Stephen Covey’s analogy in his book “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People”. Imagine that it is a funeral ” your funeral ” what would you like the Eulogy to remind others about you and your life? What kind of memories would you like others to have of what you did?

Have you given some thought to this, and if you have are you taking consistent actions to make this memory a reality?

If you are anything like me, and many others, life can become very, very busy with day-to-day events. As a result the really important things we would like to do, and the impressions that we would like to create, can take a backseat. And this does not just apply to our personal life.

It also applies to our work. What do we want our customers, clients or those we are to influence remember about us? What kind of memory do we want them to take away and are we succeeding in creating that memory?

If you are not as successful in establishing the type of memory you want to create, there is only one answer.

Awareness. Yes it’s that simple. And it’s that difficult.

To succeed in establishing your memory you have to be “aware” of what you want that memory to be, and then your have to be “aware” of taking actions to create that impression.

It’s like creating a magic trick. You have to first be aware of what you want the audience to see, and then you have to work backwards in putting the necessary effort, time and practice into turning the illusion into a reality.

Take a look at your life and what you want to be remembered for. Take a look at your career and your business; do others see it for what you would like it to be? If not why give some thought as to what you can do to make your memory into a reality. Ad then do it. Make your own real magic happen.

Real Magic is nothing more than coming up with simple, effective solutions to complicated problems, and then doing something about it! But Real Magic can happen only when people believe in themselves and are passionate about making a difference in their own life and the lives of others! Have focus! Be passionate about what you do! Create your own real magic!

PS: Why not take 5 minutes right now and give some thought to what you want your memory to be?