Official Bio


Rick Rossini is the original Magical Motivator; a professional speaker, entertainer, magician, illusionist, writer, and promotional, marketing and communication consultant for over forty years.

A graduate of McMaster University with a background in Psychology, Rick Rossini has coupled his scholastic education with his many years of magical knowledge and real world experiences to produce a fresh, new approach to “entertainment and edutainment (entertainment, education and motivation)”. Magic, message, comedy, theatre, audience interaction and illusion are perfectly blended to produce presentations that are as mind-boggling as they are entertaining and motivating!

Rick started studying the art of magic at the young age of eight (“I wasted my first seven years” he adds) after seeing his first magician at his Cub Christmas party. Since that time Rossini has elevated his magic prowess to an all time high not only as a master magician and entertainer, but as a much sought after magical creator, business and educational speaker, writer, consultant and producer of Corporate Theatre.

In fact in the last thirty years, Rick has worked his magical presentations as special “promotional, educational and motivational” vehicles for hundred of companies and hundreds of thousands of people all throughout the world.

Rick Rossini has created unique ways to make hundreds of new products “appear out of thin air” for Companies like Apple, Chrysler, DSC, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, Kawasaki, Radio Shack, Ciba Geigy, Warner Lambert, Bayer, Alberto Culver, MDS Laboratories, Seagrams, Robin Hood, Cartier, and Hilton Hotels!

He has created novel methods to train, communicate and “get the message across” in meetings and edutainment programs for Corporations like Ault Foods, IBM, Microsoft, Effem Foods, Wall Data, Nortel, Kenworth, Tab Datasystems, Energizer, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, CIBC, Brock Solutions, The Bay, Kinney Shoes, Voxcom, Quaker Oats and The Investors Group!

Rossini has created special promotions and custom productions to “sell the sizzle AND the steak” for Business’s like American Standard, Bayer, AC Delco, Eli Lilly, Petro Canada, Adams Brands, Agfa, Hewlett-Packard, Young and Rubicam, Xerox, Kimberly-Clark, Janssen-Ortho, ESSO Imperial Oil, Deloitte Touche, Aventis, Dupont, Mortgage Alliance, and GlaxoSmithKiline!

During this time Rick has worked with such notables as Jim Carey, Kurt Browning, Michael Burgess, Eugene Levy, Bruno Gerussi, Keir Dullea, Gordon Thomson, Ross Petty, Karen Kain, David Carradine, Burton Cummings and Rick Mercer to name but a very few, and in some of the finest venues around the globe.

Yes, from the Boardrooms of New York to the stage of the Sony Centre in Toronto, Rick Rossini has written, created, produced and performed for a myriad of live presentations, corporate and educational productions, television, film and video programs, and theatrical productions. All designed to inspire, excite, entertain, educate and motivate!

However one of the greatest joys Rick gets is the ability to use his special magic to “give something back” and to help others see the real magic that exists in themselves and the real world. And as such he has been able to help many organizations such as Amnesty International, Big Brothers and Sisters Association, Camp Quality, Easters Seals Society, Halton Women’s Place Shelter, International Special Olympics, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, and the United Way, make their magic happen.

He is also an on going instructional speaker and supporter of Rotary’s Camp Enterprise (16 plus years now and counting), and for many years was on the Board of Directors (as well as Director of Promotion and Communications) for one of Canada’s largest outdoor music festivals, Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival. Rick has also developed a unique bully awareness program entitled “Band Together – No Bullies Allowed” that is currently being offered to elementary and secondary schools.

Rossini’s magical life is further enhanced by his wife Suzanne (retired Superintendent of Education in charge of Special Education and Twenty-first Century Learning for the Halton District Catholic School Board) who helps to creatively add high educational values to Rick’s work, their daughter Jacqueline (an up and coming set & costume designer for Movies and TV – you can see her work in the recently released “Nightmare Alley”) who provides the always important other magical perspective into Dad’s world, and of course the family’s golden retriever Bella (who needs to be walked at least twice a day). They live at Magic Manor in Carlisle, Ontario, Canada.

Rossini Family Christmas 2021

He is the author of dozens of articles and special reports on the art of magic, marketing and edutainment. No doubt about it, Rossini makes magic happen!

Rick Rossini has floated a person in mid air surrounded by over 20,000 onlookers, made motorcycles, cars, tigers, hundreds of “special messages”, and even Canada’s top 50 CEO’s magically “appear out of thin air”! Imagine what he can do for you! There may be no tigers in your event, but he does promise some special fun and to have your audience leave informed, motivated, rejuvenated, and re-looking at what they do in a very powerful way!

Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoy the Magical Motivator Rick Rossini!