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I really love this magical business that I am in; the shows, the keynotes, and creating illusions for theatrical performance and specialty promotions. However there is another aspect of my work that can be an “out of the ordinary” real treat, even for me!

What I am referring to is working magic on television and in the movies, and designing custom illusions and special effects. And over the years these experiences have been quite varied and unique.

I was the con artist hands in the original Shell Game movie, helped actors like Keir Dullea (2001 A Space Odyssey) andDavid Carridine (Kung Foo ) make on screen magic happen, magically consulted on TV shows like Friday The 13th, made dozens of celebrities from ex Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman to International Skating Star Kurt Browning to Superstar Jim Carey magically “appear out of thin air” (in real time and without camera tricks), and appeared on far too many talk, news and variety shows to mention here.

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 But to be honest, it has been my “behind the scenes” magic that has been some of the most fun and the most challenging.

I have created ways to make cars, vans, motorcycles, hundreds of new products and even Canada’s Top 50 CEO’s“magically appear out of thin air.”

I have taught Executives like IBM Canada’s, Labbatt’s, and American Standard’s Presidents how to perform an illusion to communicate a Corporate message.

I have even magically revealed a 1,000 square foot condominium and made the Toronto Raptor’s “RAPTOR” magically appear live on TSN and in the middle of the ACC while surrounded by 18,000 fans!

The bottom line is NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

If you need to make some UNUSUAL MAGIC OR SPECIAL EFFECT HAPPEN for a Promotion, Special Event, TV or Film, then please contact me today.

Just like turbotax did…