Teaching Magicians Again

Another succesful presentation of my “REAL MAGIC – Simple Effective Solutions To Complicated Problems” VIRTUAL LECTURE for magicians.

This time for the International Brotherhood Of Magicians Ring 49 in Hamilton, Ontario – my old stomping ground.

This is where it all started for me.   Such a thrill to be back lecturing after all these years!

Very Magical Women!!

Today on May 8th, International Women’s Day, I would like to play homage to two very special ladies.  On June 16, 1816, Mary Shelley invented Science Fiction when she wrote “Frankenstein”.

About 150 years later Lucille Ball championed a script nobody wanted, paid for the
pilot and fought the money people back enough for “Star Trek” to get made. (She also had a hand
in “Westinghouse Desilou Playhouse” which gaveRod Serling the big break he needed to get “The
Twilight Zone” produced.)

The mother of science fiction, and the godmotherof modern science fiction, thank you for helping create the stuff that dreams are made of!