Yes Meagan There Is A Santa Claus!


The Real Magic Of Christmas!

Her name was Meagan and from what I would guess, she was probably about seven or eight years old.  She was very tall for her age and very, very thin.  But most importantly, she had a twinkle in her eye and a rich joyous texture to her laugh.  And unbeknown to her, she was about to make magic happen.

Standing up on stage with me I asked her the question, “do you think you can do it?”  “No”, she laughed.  I asked the audience “Do you think she can do it?” “YES” they all shouted.

The routine Meagan was helping me with is called Silken Sorcery.  A young lady is selected from the audience and comes on stage to become one of the world’s greatest magicians.

However from the get go things just don’t work out and scarves fall when they are not supposed to, magic wand and fans break, and general mayhem ensures.  The audience loves it!

And at Christmas time when I get to perform this routine for those who are not as fortunate as us (such as at this Woman’s Shelter) , it goes over big time.  But today something was different.

As Meagan was helping me I noticed there was something wrong with her arm.  However this impediment did not slow her down in the slightest.  Meagan’s desire to make the magic happen won over the slight awkwardness she had in manipulating the props.  The wands, fans and glasses broke right on cue and the audience loved it.  As did I!

And right now at this critical moment “Real Magic” was about to happen.  We all shouted the magic word “Abracadabra”, Meagan waved the wand and the handkerchief flew through the air; the magic worked!   The audience cheered and applauded.  And Meagan beamed as she took her big bow!

As I thanked Meagan and she went back into the audience I saw a little tear come to Meagan’s mother.  And then, as I looked around the room I saw the “Real Magic” that was being created.

What I saw was not mothers, kids and families who needed help, but a group of people who had come together to celebrate life.  A phenomenal “group of winners and survivors” whose common goal was to be together, to have some fun and joy as they shared this Christmas magic.

Regardless of what they had been through, these Mothers were determined to make a great Christmas for themselves and their loved ones.  And just like Meagan they were determined not to give up!

This is the real magic of Christmas.  The caring for one another and the sharing.

My Christmas wish for you is that you too will get the opportunity to share in this magical spirit with those you care about.  And to be thankful of how blessed our lives are in comparison to many.

From my family to yours Merry Christmas!

PS:  After the show on the way out Meagan’s mother came over to me and quietly said “thank you”.