Business Meetings

“How much more could YOUR Business benefit if others really could experience the magic in what YOU do?”


Increase the VALUE, IMPACT & RESULTS  of your next MEETING!

Today many businesses are facing a similar dilemma – too much information to cover and not enough time to do so.

Add to this an extremely varied audience, and drastically diversified topics that really do need to be addressed, and you could be victim to information (and budget) overload!

What to do? Hire more speakers? Add more sessions or information? Leave out some important areas that need to be addressed? How do you maintain interest, really make an impact AND get your message across to EVERYONE??



My Magical Approach passionately delivers your message! It also reinforces that your people are special. We are all more than capable of achieving our goals and aspirations. The real key is to truly express this, not just in words or power point images, but in real, tangible demonstrations. Real magic. Your magic! You can do so in a number of ways.

  1. With MAGIC FX your meeting will gain impact as your special message and product line is presented with all the important points emphasized with magic and illusion. Your speakers, executives and corporate representatives gain impact and attention as each one is magically produced or tied into your overall concept. Each presentation is tailor-made to your individual needs and objectives.
  2. As your MAGICAL HOST and FACILITATOR I become your special guide throughout your meeting. I present relevant illusions revolving around your goals and central theme, create impact and attention for each of your presentations, and in general provide a smooth, uplifting flow throughout the entire business session. A flow which uniquely and consistently reinforces the impossible being achieved, and emphasizes your marketing objectives and special message.
  3. As your MAGICAL MOTIVATOR I put the focus on fun and motivation, and how we can all really achieve the impossible.How we can all perform our own real magic. This is reinforced by magic, illusion and vignettes from my motivational presentations and keynotes. These are inspirational pieces that are interwoven throughout your meeting strengthening our belief and desire in achievement, and the message you want to send home!

PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT “some local magician doing tricks at your meeting for entertainment sake”, but very much a bottom line focused presentation that is designed to get you and your company the results you want based on extensive background research and preparation!

“…I wanted to thank you for your tremendous input in to making ATEC a fantastic success. Whenever you bring together 200+ business managers you always struggle to ensure you have the right agenda. I will tell you “Rossini” was the highlight of our two day seminar. Rick, I believe you have found a fantastic recipe for helping drive real sales success.

From my perspective, I made the following observations…
1) you were responsive and easy to deal with,
2) you listened – you took my business messages and you worked with me to create a custom presentation that drove home and reinforced critical information,
3) you created a positive, energized atmosphere,
4) you made it easy to create excitement!”




SOME MEETINGS can especially benefit with our “The Magic Of YOUR COMPANY” program. This is a very carefully, custom designed presentation that uniquely communicates a Company’s message in a fun way. It can be designed as a Meeting Hosting to flow through an AGM, a unique (and we are seeing more and more companies do this) evening GALA that has the AGM intertwined, or a custom SHOW with a corporate message that is designed to honour and inform clients and suppliers.


Because of the unique combination of “message, magic and Company personnel” this program will relevantly appeal to a wide target audience range (receptionist, sales, warehouse, senior staff, customers, employee’s significant others, etc.) AND can communicate and motivate with many different messages (as opposed to a specific keynote speaker that may only apply to a portion of your audience and deliver only one message) throughout the event! For the right MEETING at the right time this can be invaluable.

For a specific and detailed look at how I can help you please contact me today!

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