The Father Of Modern Magic!

As we enter the last three days of National Magic Week I would like to pay homage to three Great Magicians who literally changed the way audiences view our “prestidigitation” art.
I like to call them the three Horsemen of Magic – Houdin – Houdini – Henning.
It all started with Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin (the wizard the great Harry Houdini would later base his stage name on).
Robert-Houdin (1805-1871) is considered the Father of Modern Magic as he transformed magic from a gaming pastime for the lower classes to an upper scale entertainment for the wealthy and main stream masses.
He literally changed the way magic was performed and seen by audiences the world over.
He was a master magician, inventor, writer, had his own theatre in Paris – he even stopped a war using his illusionary magic.
His life is a great read on the internet and to learn more start atène_Robert-Houdin
Thank you sir for your vision, your performance and the magic you have created for future generations.

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