One Magical Time In La La Land!


The Magic Castle Here We Come…

My wife and I took a couple of weeks off in September to tour the California coast and to hook up with our daughter Jacqueline, who is attending OTIS University in Los Angeles.  And during this time we spent a couple of very magical days in Hollywood.


It started off with a visit to Hollywood Blvd where something truly unexpected happened.   As I came out of the LALA Land store and stopped on the corner, there beneath my feet was quite a surprise.  Amazingly by chance (or was it?) I was standing on “Houdini’s Star” on the Hollywood walk of fame.


Later that night Suzanne and I had the chance to visit the world famous “Magic Castle”.  Imagine a private members club just for magicians and celebrities – what an amazing evening.  Got to see some old friends and make some new ones.  Here we are inside the waiting area.  Once you are checked in you say a secret magic word and the bookcases open to allow you entrance into the Magic Castle!  No cameras allowed from this point on.


The next day the magic continued with a visit to Warner Brothers studio.  What an amazing tour of TV and Movie Magic – even got to visit the Bat Cave and see all of the Batmobiles up close (that’s Jacqueline under the Bat Signal),


and discover how Harry Potter rides a broom.


All in all a very magical trip!  Can’t wait to go again!