“…I wanted to thank you for your tremendous input in to making ATEC a fantastic success. Whenever you bring together 200+ business managers you always struggle to ensure you have the right agenda. I will tell you “Rossini” was the highlight of our two day seminar. Rick, I believe you have found a fantastic recipe for helping drive real sales success.

From my perspective, I made the following observations…
1) you were responsive and easy to deal with,
2) you listened – you took my business messages and you worked with me to create a custom presentation that drove home and reinforced critical information,
3) you created a positive, energized atmosphere to kick off the two days,
4) you made it easy to create excitement!”

Curtis Skene, Training & Certification Manager, MICROSOFT CANADA INC.

“I wanted to thank you again for the excellent presentation that you put on for us at our National Business Meeting. I have heard from a number of the attendees and they all agree this was one of the best meetings we have ever had. A great deal of the success must be shared with you for helping us to “MAKE THE MAGIC HAPPEN”.

I know dealing with the various Brand Managers (who all have their own ideas) can be challenging but you did a masterful job in bringing them and the presentations all together.
Thanks again and I look forward to working together again in the future.”

Larry Matthews, Director, Retail And Regional Account, ENERGIZER PERSONAL CARE

“…I must admit when the concept of using magic was first presented, I was a bit apprehensive. I have been a part of many distinctive and original presentations in the past but I knew this one was going to be truly unique, perhaps too much so. Yet, as things began to come together, I quickly realized the ingenuity of such an approach.

Well, if the reaction of our sales force was any indication, we have set a standard that will be very hard to top! Weeks later, I am still receiving comments from the field on how enjoyable this segment of the meeting was and to be perfectly honest that is the key indicator of success – maintaining top-of-mind awareness and commitment from our sales people.

Once again, Rick, thank you for your very important contribution and I look forward one day to working with you again.”

Jim McLarnon, Senior Brand Manager, RHONE-POULENC RORER CONSUMER INC

“…I would personally like to take the opportunity to let you know how pleased we were with your contribution as facilitator at our EDMSP seminars.

As we traveled across Canada presenting at major business centers, your passion and enthusiasm, combined with the magical element, assisted us in presenting our business message in a unique and powerful manner.

Your participation in our effort was equally world class, highly professional and very effective. We would be pleased to offer this as a letter of reference to others who may be considering your services.”

Bill Beattie, President and General Manager, TAB CANADA



“…We sincerely appreciate your ideas and your response to our needs and your willingness to be flexible to those needs and incorporate them into your presentation.

The success of this conference and your participation in it can be measured most tangibly by the action of our customers which is unprecedented in the 4 years we have undertaking this conference. This year, unlike any previous year, our customers wrote to us and told us how much they appreciated the time and effort that all the people associated with the conference put in.

It was the professionalism of Rossini and all the others who supported us in this production (The Magic Is In You) which resulted in this type of sincere comment. We thank you for this professionalism and we look forward to working with you sometime in the future.”

W. R. (Randy) Webber, Marketing Manager Image Centres, KODAK CANADA INC.


“…I must confess that during the planning of our convention, we wondered aloud amongst ourselves just how our non-professional speakers would get on with your professional entertainers, and soon discovered our fears were unfounded. Your staff were most accommodating and forgiving of our inexperience, and their relaxed attitude helped to alleviate any stage-fright.

Your final night performance was outstanding and your cast delivered all that was promised. Should you have any performances planned for the Toronto area in the near future, please keep me in mind. I would very much enjoy seeing you perform again.

Rick, I would like to express my appreciation for your very constructive and imaginative ideas, and for the professionalism of your operation. You took on the coordination of our three-day convention and all that is required of entertaining 1,000 people, and you showed everyone just how magical Toronto can be in January.”



“On behalf of the Mortgage Alliance team we would like to thank you for your exceptional presentation at our Mortgage Alliance annual Kickoff. You truly helped contribute to the success of our event. The feedback we received from both our brokers and partners has been very positive. We particularly liked your motivational message and our people are still talking about your illusions.

Your assistance in helping in the success of our event was very much appreciated and your contribution was very effective, and maintained the high level of professionalism. Thank you for a job well done!”

Michael Beckette, President & CEO, MORTGAGE ALLIANCE

“…Our people were overwhelmed with the overall quality of the production and presentations, and your role played a large part in our success.

The creative and innovative use of magic to introduce each of the speakers for the Industrial portion particularly was memorable. I am sure that it will help to keep top of mind awareness of the programs and issues for the products throughout the next year.

Your assistance in helping to segue between pieces of the presentation was very effective, and maintained the high level of professionalism of the overall presentations and production. My thanks for a job well done.”

Wayne E. Newson, President, Central Canada Dairies, AULT FOODS LIMITED


Product Launches…

“…Our customers and guests were very impressed with the “explosive” launch of our new product, CALLIGO. Your involvement in the process was flawless – from the opening speech, to the show and pyrotechnics you organized, to making our President “appear on stage.”

We had many positive comments from attendees who thought the opening ceremonies were dynamic and innovative. We had ideas, but your additional suggestions added a great deal of value and impact to the event. We would not hesitate to recommend you to other companies who wish to open a conference or launch a new product with “flair.”

Ross Orrett, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, INSYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES INC.


“…On behalf of my associates at American-Standard, and the nearly two thousand customers who attended your shows across Canada, I would like to thank you for your contribution to a very successful product launch.

When we embarked on this program, only six weeks before the first event, we were concerned that even a magician could not stage it for us in such a short time. You met and surpassed the challenge.

Our customers were not only entertained but your effective presentation style conveyed all of the product information we had hoped to impart. The Cadet III launch has been a resounding success. Thank you Rick.”

Norm Livingston, President, AMERICAN STANDARD


“…Thank you for your work in the Ciba-Geigy National Sales Conference. The event was a total success in launching the brand new Eucalyptamint to the sales force. With your magic you brought to the launch energy, excitement and a unique presentation style that left the sales force with the right impression, that this product was different. I hope that we will work together on another project some day.”

James Ball, Brand Manager, CIBA-GEIGY CANADA LTD



“…You mystified, you entertained, and you surprised us with an exciting show! Everyone who attended is still talking about the illusions and trying to figure out how it’s done.

Although the whole show was excellent, we particularly appreciated your flexibility and integration of our unique needs. Some at the last minute. Please pass along our thanks and congratulations to the supporting cast and crew – the show was outstanding!”

Ted Munro, Mgr, Compensation Progs & Human Resources, IBM CANADA LTD.


“…We had mentioned to you prior to your performance that you would be facing a tough crowd of about 200 in number. The NDC members tend to be a rather somber conservative group and therefore somewhat unpredictable in their response to any type of entertainment.

You absolutely delighted them!

The comments we received over the next 2 days of the conference following your performance were very rewarding. Everyone enjoyed the show tremendously and complimented DuPont for having provided such a tasteful entertaining closing to the opening NDC reception.”

Fran Griffin, Marketing Communications Liquid Packaging, DUPONT CANADA INC.


“…Thank you for your amazing performance at our National Healthcare Conference. Your performance was nothing short of spectacular!

I can honestly say I was a bit nervous, as I was not sure how things were going to turn out.

Your team was able to alleviate that nervousness after the first act! As you could tell from the audience participation and their reaction, they thought you were every bit incredible. Rick, I can’t thank you enough for the great performance!”

Candie Dong, Marketing Manager, ARAMARK CANADA



“…Wow! Outstanding! First Class! Everyone who attended the “magical weekend” felt the show was incredible and were impressed that the magical theme was consistent throughout the entire weekend.

In addition, Messrs. Dowd & Foxcroft were thrilled to be a part of the show. (They haven’t given up their day jobs though!)

I would personally like to thank you for your exceptional presentation. You helped contribute to the success of our event! I look forward to working with you again soon!”

Diane Harrison, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator, TD PAYROLL & HR SOLUTIONS


“…A great deal of the credit for this success goes to you and your staff for the magnificent magic night.

The integration of our senior managers into the show was a great idea; it showed the sales force that we really put a lot of effort into customizing their awards night. I am happy to report that Sunday nights “The Magic Is You” rated a 4.6 out of a possible 5.0. Congratulations!”

Bob Cariglia, VP Sales & Marketing, CANADIAN KENWORTH COMPANY


“…We set out to make this a special evening to personally recognize the efforts of the Millrun Project team and your willingness to customize your show to our One Voice, One Team theme, by incorporating the Inukshuk and our individual award segments allowed us to accomplish this.

From the moment our attendees entered the room, you took them to a magical world which captivated them for the entire evening. Thank you for helping us to make this event a huge success.”

Pam Odam, Director, Human Resources, IBM GLOBAL SERVICES



“Thanks you so much for your highly energetic and inspirational presentation to our group of our most valuable clients… our realtors. You came through with flying colours, and the feedback I received afterwards was fantastic. Your ability to directly involve the audience in many different ways contributed to your success.

We asked for your presentation to be a blend of humour, magic, and motivational message…and you certainly delivered. Don’t be surprised if you hear from members of the audience requesting your services…there were several enquiries. Thank you again.”

Tom Neeb, Resident Mortgage Specialist, ROYAL BANK


“I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and brilliant execution! I was delighted with the outcomes of our kick-off and the feedback was excellent both in the entertainment value and the ability to drive a corporate message home in a softer, more subtle way. Thanks again!”

Rob Stephen, Director, Marketing and Sales, JOHNSON & JOHNSON


“I really enjoyed Mr. Rossini’s presentation. This was the best and most original keynote address I have witnessed in many years. Mr. Rossini’s approach allows him to convey important messages while entertaining his audience with mind-boggling tricks and illusions. I would recommend him as a speaker to anyone looking for something effective, exciting and innovative.”

Jean Paradis, Manager Community Relations Unit, MINISTRY OF TRAINING, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITY

“Thank you very much for your presentation last Saturday afternoon. It turned out exactly as we hoped and certainly met our expectations; an excellent mix of entertainment and education – or as you describe it “edutainment”.

The feedback I have heard from other Brock employees has been positive, saying that they found the afternoon session to be worthwhile. I think the fact that you were flexible in your program and willing to work with us to the presentation even more relevant. Thanks again!”

Vivienne Ojala, M.B.A., P.Eng., President,, BROCK SOLUTIONS

“”I was impressed with not only his magic, but also the way he inspired us all – or as he mentioned, made us believe that we all have a little magic within us!”



“…Your wrap-up presentation was a resounding success and the feedback from the delegates has been extremely positive. You were magical, entertaining and best of all, fun – a welcome change from three days of technical sessions.

As a meeting planner, I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to do whatever you can to make our events a success. You are a true professional and it’s always a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again, Rick, for closing the Conference with such style.”



“…Thanks so much for your wonderful contribution to our workshop agenda last night!

At the end of a very long but fruitful day we were all somewhat fatigued. Your humour, excellent showmanship, and skill combined to impress and delight all in attendance. More than that, you were able to rejuvenate us, and we all left feeling uplifted. Thank you again for having added levity and a positive spin to the day.”

Ron Ballantyne, Contracting Team Leader, IMPERIAL OIL LIMITED


“…Your initial meeting with us and continued communication prior to the event really paid off. You knew the sensitive issues, understood the intent of each segment of the day and consequently were able to facilitate the day with great success.

I heard many comments from staff regarding your ability to say and do just the right things as though you were part of the agency. In fact you really were that day. Well Rick, what else can I say except thanks again for doing such a great job.”

Angela Bennett, Board-Staff Planning, PEEL CHILDREN’S CENTRE



“…Labelexpo Chicago marks our second successful trade show together featuring ‘The Magic of Colour’ on our Impressionist label press. As in Brussels last year, your talent in drawing customers to our booth and attracting their interest throughout our press job change overs added to the value of generated leads and exhibiting at international trade shows.
We appreciated your keen interest to learn the concept of our machinery and professional script adaptability to feature key points of our product.

I would recommend your services to any company looking for a creative marketing concept to launch or market their product to a selective audience. Our customers smiles, laughter and amazement in your illusions kept them coming back!
Thank you Rick for your professional services and assistance in making our shows an enjoyable and profitable experience.”

Irene Carmichael, Marketing Co-ordinator, ARPECO ENGINEERING LIMITED


“…The success of our show was a result of having the wonder of magic woven into an informative product presentation. I am still delighted by the fact our audience would grow during the presentation instead of ‘disappear’ as other manufacturer’s audience seemed to do. Again, thanks for a superb job.”

Dale Jones, Merchandising Manager, FORD MOTOR COMPANY OF CANADA


“…You solved a problem for us: we had a story to tell – and yet we are aware that speeches from company executives are a yawn.

I was impressed that you understood the story we wanted to tell and managed to weave that story throughout your short but punchy performance.

Our clients left with a clear understanding about the genesis of both YOU and Verve magazines – and the important specifics about the merger. And that message was conveyed in such a magical way, we know it will be remembered.”

Bettie Bradley, Vice President, FAMILY COMMUNICATIONS