Christmas Entertainment


Once again the Christmas Season is upon us! 

And to help provide you with some UNIQUE and SPECIAL offerings, we have packaged together some very “magical & fantastic”entertainment presentations.


  1. FOR MORE INTIMATE AUDIENCES – ROSSINI – IT’S MAGIC– Audience Interactive Fun, is just that, amazing, fun filled magic featuring Rick Rossini and “your audience as the stars”!  This special performance offers a unique combination of good clean humor, sophisticated entertainment, magic, and theatre, all assisted by members of your audience (with no embarrassment to anyone).  Amazing, exciting and funny, Rossini will quite literally have some audience members jumping out of their chairs in laughter.  Also available as an intimate close-up walk about performance. Download info… RossiniItsMagicPack.


  1. FOR A MORE SPECTACULAR PRESENTATION (ideal for the Corporate Christmas Party) – ROSSINI – A TOUCH OF MAGIC offers the hilarious audience interactive highlights from IT’S MAGIC and adds the magic of staged grand illusions.  By adding two of our assistants we combine intimate magic with the theatrical illusions of floating a woman in air, people appearing, disappearing and changing places in the blink of an eye (Houdini’s metamorphoses taken one step further), and an extremely funny “pick pocket routine” that has to be seen to be believed.  The show includes an on stage cast of three, backdrop, sound system, and lights.  Download info…  RossiniATouchOfMagicPack

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  1. FOR THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATED PRODUCTION THERE IS –  ROSSINI – REAL MAGIC – Magic & Grand Illusion Spectacular!  This is it.  The large, exciting, full stage illusions with the complete cast!  Experience the magic, the lights, music, staging, choreography, audience interaction and theatrics.   Just like on TV, but it’s here, live on stage, featured at your special event and uniquely customized to fit your needs!  THIS IS A CUSTOM CREATED PRESENTATION.





This is an amazing and dynamic Christmas FAMILY Show filled with good clean fun, fantastic surprises, incredible magic, and all assisted by members of your audience.  Imagine the impossible made possible, and so much more!

See a handkerchief that disappears and flies through the air, a golf ball that grows and multiplies, and a multitude of snow-white doves that appear and disappear out of thin air.  However this unique experience is not just about tricks, but more importantly it’s about entertainment.  Yes, this magic becomes incredibly enchanting as a result of Rossini’s rapport with your audience and their direct involvement.  Rick’s style of audience interaction is very special and magical.

And intermixed within this amazing magic and audience participation are some crazy one-liners, unique situation comedy, and Christmas Magic story telling!  Kids love his visual effects, playful rapport, action and comedy, and how they get an opportunity to join Rossini and become Wizards themselves!  Parents love the good clean humor, unique approach and his custom created material!

This Christmas be a part of the magic as Rossini works with your audience to make real magic happen!  Christmas Magic!

Download info… RossiniFamilyMagic




If you don’t believe in Santa, you’d better change your mind, because the big guy from the North Pole really rocks when it comes to marketing! He knows he doesn’t need fancy, new techniques; but only a simple marketing strategy that has stood the test of time (and about any economic scenario you can imagine).  Find out how this all works, and how you can use it in what you do, in this unique “edutainment” show/keynote/special presentation!  Under the guise of Saint Nick’s Secret Marketing Manager/Wizard (personally sent by Mr. Claus himself), Rick Rossini takes you through the Claus Inc. process in a fast paced, informative and fun session that not only is hilarious, magical and mind bogglingly entertaining – but extremely practical in creative, take away business insights.  A very NEW and UNIQUE audience interactive experience perfect when you need entertainment and a message!


To make this Christmas a very special & magical one please contact me today.


“You were truly fantastic and your show was exciting! This is all evident from the many compliments I received from the guests about your incredible performance. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to any company wanting a magnificent and unforgettable show. Once again, thank you for making our Christmas Party a success!”
Ike Somani, Marketing Director, CIBC VISA


“Thanks again for the great show last night – everyone is still talking about you this morning and all are agreeing this was one of our best parties. We will certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for similar entertainment. Hope you have an enjoyable holiday season!”
Steve Sheldrick, Manager,  ROSEDALE MEDICAL


“Many thanks for an outstanding job – the sharing of ideas, your preparation with our needs in mind, and the implementation on the night itself, made for an evening our employees and guests will long remember.Feedback from our employees tells us we reached everyone in some small way, some really enjoying the close-up work through the cocktail hour, whilst others are still figuring out how the illusions worked that you performed during the courses of our dinner. Maureen’s favorite was the opening with the live dove replacing the dove-like Christmas ornament. Thanks again, Rick, and best wishes for this magical season of Christmas!”


“Your program was exactly what I had hoped for, and more. The staff are still talking about your “magic!” I would highly recommend your show to any group. The interaction you performed with the audience was superb and made the entertainment just that much more enjoyable and FUN! Again, thanks for a job WELL DONE!”
Lorraine Morlock, Office Administrator, ROBERT CALDWELL CAPITAL CORPORATION


“Thank you for the wonderful performance for our Santa’s arrival. Both adults and children alike (including myself) seemed mesmerized by the magical appearance of our Santa. It’s wonderful to see the show evolve as planned without a single problem especially with the tremendous turnout waiting and watching! Thanks again Rick for making this event the success it was and I look forward to working with you at a future date!”
Joanne Ross, Marketing Director, MEADOWVALE TOWN CENTRE


“Thank you for a job well done for the “Golden Griddle” Christmas Party.  From all accounts it was a great success and you were a major contributor to making it that way!  (I know, I spoke with ALL the senior executives and all were very pleased with your efforts). As always you and your people did a first rate performance.
I always enjoy working with you, your attention to detail and professional approach are a breath of fresh air in this business.  I look forward to working with you again, hopefully in the near future.  Thank you very much once again.”

Norma-June Silcox, (GOLDEN GRIDDLE Entertainment Producer), PRIME TIME EVENTS


“I wanted to thank you for donating your time and energy to come to the Christmas party for the children on our wait list.  The children truly enjoyed the magic show that you performed. For a lot of these children it is the only time that they seen a magician.  It was great to watch some of their faces, trying to figure out how you were able to make things move and appear.  You really did a great job keeping them entertained and intrigued.  I have to admit you had me stumped. Again on behalf of all the children and staff at Big Brothers and Sisters, thank you and Merry Christmas!”
Elisha von Wuthenau, Development & Outreach Co-ordinator, BIG BROTHERS AND SISTERS


“…from the first time you and I spoke I knew that we were in good hands.  From the planning process to the final hours of the party, your team took care of every detail and allowed us to enjoy ourselves.Your experience and professionalism did not go unnoticed.
I was particularly impressed when I arrived at the venue on the day of the party, and your team was already there rehearsing.  This was before the caterer and even the cleaning staff had arrived!
We appreciate the time and effort you put into customizing a magical evening for us.
The goal was simply to have fun, and you delivered.  Our guests loved the shows, which kept everyone in suspense and amazement.  In particular, guests loved watching their managers appear out of thin air to draw prized!  There were also some very funny moments that we still talk about at the office.
We have heard countless compliments from guests who loved the magic and fun that you brought to the evening.  Thank you Rick.  It was a pleasure working with you.”

Laura Morrison, Actuarial Analyst, MUNICH REINSURANCE COMPANY OF CANADA.


“We LOVED your presentation I felt it was one of the best Christmas get-togethers that we have had. It was truly magical! You kept us amazed and involved. There was never a dull moment! It was certainly a pleasure to have you as our guest entertainer.”


“Rick Rossini is the ultimate professional, from the moment we book a show with him to the follow-up with the delighted client. His shows sparkle. His client relations are excellent. He is creative in tailoring the program to fit the client or the occasion. Best of all, we thoroughly enjoy working with him. We have no hesitation in recommending him as a top Canadian entertainer.”
Patricia Silver, President, SPHERE ENTERTAINMENT

“Rick Rossini in an energetic, incredibly talented performer….we have appreciated our long-term working relationship throughout the years … his uplifting personality is refreshing; he provides exceptional value to his clients and his shows are truly memorable!”

“Entertainment Unlimited has worked with Rick Rossini many times over the past 20 years. I have always found him to be very professional, dependable, creative and always delivers a great show.”
Judy Scott-Jacobs, President, ENTERTAINMENT UNLIMITED

To make this Christmas a very special & magical one please contact me today.