The Real Story

My name is Rick Rossini and I am THE original MAGICAL MOTIVATOR – a professional speaker, magical entertainer, illusionist, writer, entrepreneur, and “Producer of Corporate Theatre” for over thirty years!

During this time, I have had the very unique fortune to develop my magical presentations as special “promotional, educational and motivational” vehicles for hundreds of Companies and hundreds of thousands of people all throughout the world.

“More importantly, there is a very good chance I can make this unique “expertise” be of BENEFIT to YOU!”

Here’s how…

Originally I  started performing as a magician/illusionist on the “sizzle” side of the live event industry – offering magic and grand illusion to add excitement to my client’s presentations and customized shows.

However over the years I also developed more and more“steak” focused presentations – really communicating and reinforcing key concepts my clients wanted to impart to their target audience.

Ultimately I evolved into a unique MASTER of selling both “the sizzle and the steak” in a very  powerful way!

How can this be RELEVANT to you? 

“I can develop custom presentations that will combine the entertainment AND business aspects of your MESSAGE – and make YOUR audience go WOW!” 

I know, I know – YOU HAVE HEARD THIS BEFORE – so what’s my great secret for making this happen?

Experience, RESULTS and I love what I do!!

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It really is simple…

Imagine a world class magical entertainer – a top notch speaker and writer – and a custom created overall “audience” experience – (based on over 30 years of proven, creative insights) – all rolled into one – and working EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU!

To find out how my approach could be of benefit to you please call or email me today for a real (one on one) “voice-to-voice conversation”.

Yes, lets talk.  No strings attached, no selling, and there is no obligation at all!  It’s simply an opportunity to learn how I can help YOU and perhaps ME:)!

Again, for a  detailed look at how I can help you please contact me today!

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