Collega Aveda

Collega Aveda 10th Anniversary Case Study.

Executive Special Effect for “The Event of The Decade!” 

“Float a model in this air as her hair is being styled”!


Collega Aveda, the international hair Corporation, wanted to create a very special magical illusion for presentation in their wrap up Gala Fashion Hair Show, at their 10th Anniversary Conference.

They wanted AVEDA’s founder, Horst Rechelbacher, to float a model in thin air while he styled her hair.  To make matters really interesting Horst would only be available for a very limited time the day before, and the model would only be available just before the show.

And we only had two weeks until the event.


Whenever we are presented with a challenge like this I always refer to what I like to call the Louise Sullivan rule; “every problem contains and suggests it’s own solution”.

The first step is to take into account all the physical limitations you have to work with – location, stage set up, audience location, where in the program is this to happen, what goes on just before the illusion and just after, how much time do we get to do this, how much real rehearsal time will we get, what type of costume is involved, etc.

We also had to take into account that the illusion had to be performed right in center stage in front of a hard set, and a few other interesting details.

Next we devise a solution based on all this information.  We came up with a couple of scenarios on what had to happen and worked backwards.  In other words,  “if this is what you want to see” what would actually have to happen to make it real.  Hmm.

I cannot tell you how we did it, but I can tell you this.  If you want to float someone in this air you do not work against the law of gravity, you let the laws of gravity work for you.

Finally we streamlined what Mr. Rechelbacher and the model had to do to pull this off, and did as much prior rehearsal and development without them.  The day of the event only required about fifteen minutes from each of them.  What was the end result?  It worked just like magic!


“Fabulous!!  Everyone was absolutely thrilled with the floating lady illusion – they are still talking about it. It was perfect.

 Our Spring ‘Summit’ is just around the corner, and it is an even bigger event.  US and Canada Aveda Show.  You will be hearing from us for sure.

 Thank you so much for always delivering above and beyond.  You are consistently the very best!”

Joan Faubert, Marketing, Aveda For Collega


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