Tridel Square One

The Tridel Square One CondoWINium Case Study.

Special Promotion – CondoWINium Magical Reveal


Square One, one of Canada’s largest shopping Malls, wanted to make a 1,000 plus square foot condominium “magically appear” in center court for a promotional kick off.  The promotion was titled “CondoWINium” and was the largest “reveal” I had ever done.

A condominium unit roughly 35 feet square, with 10 foot high walls and no roof, was to be constructed in center court.  This unit would then be professionally decorated and attired inside and out, utilizing Square One’s own tenant’s merchandise.

Once revealed at the start of the promotion, over 100.000 people would tour this model suite for almost 12 weeks, and could also enter the contest to win this fabulous condo worth over $160,000.

The challenge was to make the kick-off reveal as magical and spectacular as possible (for those in attendance on the media reveal), based on the physical limitations presented.


In promotional magic you have three basic approaches:  you can make magic happen with the new product’s attributes and benefits, you can make the new product actually “appear” out of thin air, or you can make the appearance of the new product “look magical”.   Based on the condo’s location we choose the third approach, to make it look magical!

For weeks prior to the event we secretly took measurements of relevant  aspects of the model unit and observed all phases of the construction.  Then we constructed a special giant (60 foot square) red cloth drape to go over the condo unit and cover it completely to the ground, with only the condo’s form being visible. It was quite an impressive sight.

While all this was happening the performance details were created, dancers were auditioned, rehearsed and costumed, music was selected and edited, choreography was arranged, non-pyrotechnic air powered, special effects were orchestrated, and everything had to be rehearsed prior to the event.

On show day the audience arrived to see the condominium unit completely covered by our drape and sealed off.  Then on cue our dancers performed an opening dance number to magically reveal our “MC”!  The dancers now made their way to the 4 corners of the giant cloth as our “celebrity guests” positioned themselves in front with magic wands.  On cue they pointed their wands to the cloth.

Immediately there were some flashes of light from behind the cloth and silver Mylar streamers shot from the middle of the cloth high into the air and cascaded down.   Without pause there was a large explosive like sound and the giant cloth magically came apart from its center to become 4 smaller cloths which cascaded off and down from the  four sides, revealing the completely decorated condominium in all its grander.

As the audience continued to applaud air powered explosions projected multi colored paper streamers high into the air over the condo and audience, followed by hundreds of custom puff tails (little red cotton balls with long, white ribbon tails).  Each ball, silk-screened with the “Tridel Square One CondoWINium” logo on their tail, sailed gracefully through the air into our audience.  A powerful giveaway reminder of an amazing event!


“We wanted the launch of this promotion, the largest in the history of Square One, to be spectacular and memorable.  Rick and his team worked with us to do just that!  He did a fantastic job and delivered all that he promised!”

Linda Keen-Lausberg, Marketing Director, Square One.

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Anything you can imagine, can be achieved.  The trick is to be open about what can be done and realizing that every problem contains and suggest it’s own solution.


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