Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly National Sales Meeting Case Study.

Sales Meeting Opening & Custom Motivational Presentation.


The Eli Lilly Diabetes division needed to educate and motivate the Company’s entire sales force as to the new opportunities that presented itself in Diabetes treatment and medication.   Some information was very new, some very basic; and the audience was comprised of those from varied divisions with different skills and knowledge levels.

This session was to start early morning on the Meeting’s third day.  The presentation needed to wake everyone up, yet educate and motivate in an exciting, fun and memorable way.  And the time allotted was minimal.


The year prior I had been contracted through Marko Creative Productions to create a special educational promotion for Lilly’s Diabetic Division at the Canadian Diabetes Conference.   I was now called on to take that presentation, expand and build upon it and create an entire “sales meeting segment”.

The overall process regardless of scope of size, format or audience is always the same.  A powerful Opening that sets the tone, next an informative main body that delivers the information but continues to build in energy and excitement, and finally a WOW closing that ties everything together.

A theatrical Opening (powerful yet appropriate and subdued) with lights, music and magic was first designed to get things started and introduce the theme and segment.

Next the main body of the presentation took the technical and medical information and married it to a fun, fast moving magical script. Amazing (but not too amazing to take away from the message), visual magic was used to illustrate our points, products and keep things moving.  The need here was to find a happy medium with the information presented so as to be exciting and still informative to everyone.

Finally the sales segment was closed off with a powerful audience interactive piece that tied all the pieces together, and a theatrical closing illusion that also featured three of the top Company officials!  The audience went WOW!


“Thank you for all of your work on the presentation.  It really was a super event and everyone was thrilled with how it went.  The sales reps were extremely motivated and excited!

 It is now a full week since I first saw your presentation and I’m still left smiling.  I was actually left completely speechless… your magic was fantastic! The ‘tricks’ aside, I was very impressed with the script on diabetes and the future research at Lilly that you delivered. Your dedication to completely and thoroughly learning about diabetes and our medications is commendable.

 Your presentation along with the script was, as always, superb. Great job! I am so glad that we had the opportunity to work together again on this!”

Ursula Techinsky, Brand Manager Diabetes Care, Eli Lilly Canada


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