BOC Gases

BOC Gases Case Study.

Product Launch – BOC Rocks


BOC Gases was having a product launch show for its dealers.  The show was to include the “magical reveal” of its new products as well as the “magical introduction” of key sales and marketing personal.

The problem was BOC wanted to use “magic” to add excitement to this launch, however they had had a magician perform a magic show earlier in the year.   They feared the perceived repetition of theme.  In short they wanted what the magic would add, but without the magic.


Quite often we work on promotions where the “magic” becomes the vehicle and not the theme.  The trick here is to lose the “star aspect” of the performers and make the products and presenters themselves the stars.  Then you add the magic and its magicians, actors and dancers as “characters” produced by the theme.

In this case the theme created was “BOC Rocks”!  We combined a flashy hi tech look and feel, with the appropriate hi energy music, sound and lights to create a very powerful, “welder of the future” image.

An Opening number was specially created by having our four dancers, who were costumed in black leather jackets and black welder’s face guards, magically make the President appear behind a wall of fire and pyrotechnics.

Four creative vignettes (keeping within our BOC Rocks theme) now followed making the three new products and three different presenters appear.  Again using the magic as the vehicle and making the product and presenters the stars.

Finally a powerful closing number was custom created.  Here we had our black leather jacketed welder dancers from the opening, make all the key BOC presenters and all the new products magically appear out of thin air – all together – and all at the same time.

The audience loved it!


“As director for BOC Rocks it was my job to make sure that the technical and creative elements sought by the client on this event were achieved.

When the request was made to find a way to add more “excitement and energy ” to this product launch, and still stay on budget, I immediately thought of Rick Rossini.

I had worked with Rick and his Company many times over the years, and have always found him to be able to create exactly what I need, when I need it.  His ability to keep the audience engaged and still deliver the client’s message was the key to the success of this event.

He has always proven himself to be very creative and sensitive to my client’s needs, extremely reliable, and very easy to work with.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any Company who wants powerful and magical results.”

Andy Stinton, Technical Director for BOC, Event Studio TV


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