The Investors Group & The Toronto District School Board Planning Conferences Case Study.

Back-To-Back Conference Opening & Closing Keynotes.


Although both Companies initially seem to be on opposite sides of the business sector, they shared a common problem, similar background and desired result.

Both of these organizations were having a planning conference with their senior staff, and wanted to emotionally communicate the importance of what they do in a fun way, and yet still provide a forum to educate and motivate with “tactical elements” that could improve performance.

The interesting part was that these presentations would be back to back.  For the Toronto District School Board I would close off their first day, while with the Investors Group meeting I would kick off their conference the next morning, in a completely different city.


The planners for each of the conferences had seen me make similar presentations in past events that had participated in.  After further study of what I had done for other similar Companies via our website, case studies, handout notes, and articles, an initial phone meeting was set up.   Once we were all convinced a custom presentation could accomplish all the important goals laid out, the real work began.

Over the next couple of weeks I would interview key personal, industry experts, and field representatives from both Companies to produce two very different presentations for the two similar, but completely different conferences.

However in both programs I used the same technique:  magic, illusion, comedy, pertinent story telling, relevant business and developmental concepts, and audience interaction to create “educational, fun keynote” performances that accomplished our client’s predetermined goals.

It was the particular details and message that was individually honed for the two different audiences.


“I hesitate to say that Rick does only a performance or only a motivational presentation.   He masterfully combines a wonderfully motivational message with a magical presentation. And the response from my colleagues was unreservedly positive. 

 After a full day of presentations, group work, reading, planning and work on curriculum and budget issues, we were not necessarily the most alert and live audience that Rick has worked with.  However, almost immediately, we were all involved in the presentation and laughed and cried and found ourselves quite open and receptive to his message.  The part of his message that we needed to hear was that what we are doing is important, is respected and is making a difference. 

 Rick was eloquent, passionate and very energizing.  I have no hesitation in recommending him to any group who has the need for motivation.”

Wm S. Hindle, Organizing Principal, Toronto District School Board

Call To Action

The real benefit to a seasoned “edutainment (entertainment, education and motivation) presentation” is not just that it can communicate the key points of important information to very different groups of people, at the same time.

But regardless of the audience, business, or information, it can also deliver a motivational message in a way that is emotionally memorable and universally relevant to all.  And do it in a fun way!

“I am still receiving comments from my colleagues re the performance. They said it was one of the funniest things they had seen. You did a great performance as well as a great message.”

Bob Campbell, Division Director, Investors Group Financial Services


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